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Data Anlysis

Quiz by tinto alencherry

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  • Q1

    What are the objectives of exploratory data anlalysis

    Uncover a parsimonious model, one which explains the data with minimum number of predictor variables.

    Check for missing data and other mistakes

    Gain maximum insight into the data set and its underlying structure

    All of the above

  • Q2

    Which of the following is not true about Exploratory Data analysis

    Does not provide insight into the data

    Generates a posteriori hypothesis

    Deals with unknowns

    Discovers new knowledge

  • Q3

    Which of the following is not a component of Exploratory Data Analysis?

    Outlier detection

    Summarizing data

    Statistical analysis

    Model hyperparameter tuning

  • Q4

    Which is the correct sequence of steps in modelling

    Data Cleaning -> Data Exploration -> Present Results -> Model Building

    Data Exploration -> Data Cleaning -> Model Building -> Present Results

    Data Cleaning -> Model Building -> Data Exploration -> Present Results

    Data Exploration -> Data Cleaning -> Present Results -> Model Building

  • Q5

    Which component should be used for bivariate outlier detection?

    "Outlier filter"

    "Multivariate Outlier Detection"

    "R Correlation Matrix"

    "Basic Statistics for Each Data"

  • Q6

    Which component creates array of scatter plots indicating multiple data relationships

    "R Correlation Matrix"

    "R Pairs Plot"

    "Multivariate Outlier Detection"

    "Basic Statistics with Moving Window"


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