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Data Mining Final Assessment

Quiz by Yashaswini B M

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  • Q1

    Which of these is correct about data mining?

    It is a procedure in which knowledge is mined from data.

    It is a procedure using which one can extract information out of huge sets of data.

     All of the above

    It involves processes like Data Transformation, Data Integration, Data Cleaning.

  • Q2

    The classification or mapping of a class using a predefined class or group is called:

    Data Set

    Data Sub Structure

    Data Characterisation

    Data Discrimination

  • Q3

    What is the analysis conducted for uncovering some interesting statistical correlations between various associated-attribute-value pairs called?

    None of the above

    Mining of Correlations

    Mining of Clusters

    Mining of Association

  • Q4

    __________ are the data objects that don’t comply with the general model or behaviour of the available data:

    Outlier Analysis



    Evolution Analysis

  • Q5

    The primary use of data cleaning is:

    Correction of the data inconsistencies

    Transformations for correcting the wrong data

    Removing the noisy data

    All of the above

  • Q6

    The classification of the Data Mining System consists of:

    All of the above

    Information Science

    Database Technology

    Machine Learning

  • Q7

    The class under study in Data Characterization is known as:

    Initial Class

    Target Class

    Study Class

    Final Class

  • Q8

    What does the letter K stand for in the K-nearest neighbour algorithm?

    Number of neighbours that are used

    Number of total observations in the dataset

    Number of iterations

  • Q9

    What does noise mean in data mining?

    Complex data

    Repeated data

    Random errors in the dataset

  • Q10

    Which process is used to rescaling the values of data into a range from 0 to 1?

    Data normalisation

    Data churning

    Data preprocessing

  • Q11

    What is often considered the early methods to identify patterns in data?

    Regression analysis

    Bayes’s theorem

    Cluster analysis

  • Q12

    Bayesian classifiers is

    None of these

    An approach to the design of learning algorithms that is inspired by the fact that when people encounter new situations, they often explain them by reference to familiar experiences, adapting the explanations to fit the new situation.

    A class of learning algorithm that tries to find an optimum classification of a set of examples usingthe probabilistic theory.

    Any mechanism employed by a learning system to constrain the search space of a hypothesis

  • Q13

    Classification is

    A subdivision of a set of examples into a number of classes

    The task of assigning a classification to a set of examples

    A measure of the accuracy, of the classification of a concept that is given by a certain theory.

    None of these

  • Q14

    Classification accuracy is

    None of these

    A subdivision of a set of examples into a number of classes

     Measure of the accuracy, of the classification of a concept that is given by a certain theory.

    The task of assigning a classification to a set of examples

  • Q15

    Naive prediction is

    A class of learning algorithms that try to derive a Prolog program from examples.

    A prediction made using an extremely simple method, such as always predicting the same output.

     None of these

    A table with n independent attributes can be seen as an n- dimensional space


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