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Day 12 - Estimation and Costing

Quiz by Technos Technical Coaching

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50 questions
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  • Q1
    The capacity of doing work by an artisan or skilled labour in th form of quantity of work per day is known as
    Out turn work
    Over out turn work
    Inturn work
    Present turn work
  • Q2
    The most reliable estimate is
    Cube rate estimate
    Preliminary estimate
    Plinth area estimate
    Detailed estimate
  • Q3
    The amount provided in the estimate and bill of quantities for some specilized work to be done by a specialist firm whose details are noit known at the time of preparing estimate is called
    Provisional estimate
    Float value
    Prime cost
    Fixed cost
  • Q4
    The printed list of various items of work for preparing detailed estimate and is maintained by the engineering department
    Schedule of rate
    Detailed estimate
    Analysis of rate
    Revised estimate
  • Q5
    A work costing less than Rs.20000 is termed as
    Petty work
    Major work
    Minor work
    Casual work
  • Q6
    The multiplying factor which when multiplied by the net income gives capitalized value of the property of the present time
    Year's Purchase
    Linking fund
    Capital cost
    Rate of interest
  • Q7
    The mean horizontal distance between front and rer plot boundaries is called as
    Head room
    Depth of plot
    Set back
  • Q8
    Comparative estimate is necessary for the preperation of
    item rate estimate
    Revised estimate
    Cubical content estimate
    Plinth area estimate
  • Q9
    The vertical distance between the flor and the lowest point on the ceiling is the
    Head room
    Height of room
    Height of wall
  • Q10
    For measuring of area of plastering work no deduction shall be made for the opening upto
  • Q11
    The quantity of Damp proof course (DPC) is worked out in
  • Q12
    An order in writing is given by the competent authority to the contractor to take possession of the site commence the work is
    Work order
    Scrutiny of tender
    Acceptance of tender
    Execution of agreement
  • Q13
    The estimating for plastering usually no deduction is made for
    Samll opening
    Ends of beam
    Ends of rafter
    All of these
  • Q14
    Which out of the following items are not included under outgoings
    Property tax
    Muncipal tax
    Sinking fund
  • Q15
    While estimating the area of wall plastering deductions is made for both sides of opening is
    1.5m2 and above
    less than 1.5m2
    3m2 and above
    2m2 and above

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