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Day 2 Exam NWP and VES Training

Quiz by Garnet Caimbon

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Please provide the account changes that only Condo Owners can do.
    Move a renter in and out of the unit and Change billing methodology
    Update statement address and Request for late fee removal
    Move a renter in and out of the unit, Update statement address and Change Ownership
    Change Ownership, Request copy of bill and Change billing methodology
  • Q2
    Condo Renters can also do account modifications.
    Only changing the statement address
  • Q3
    What is True-Up?
    Utilities with average consumption
    Penalty for high usage
    Accumulation of usage over a certain period of time
    Fee for exceeding the National Average Water Usage
  • Q4
    What is the most accurate method of approximating/estimating
    Last 3 Months Usage
    Pre-Defined Value
    Prior Year Usage
  • Q5
    Why would a metered unit be estimated?
    Resident is being punished for not paying bills on time
    Property just wants to estimate the bill
    Meter is getting '0' reading
    Resident just recently moved in
  • Q6
    What is a MAP property?
    Property covers the first 3 months bill
    Property gets free quarterly visits for inspections and repairs
    Property is covering the cost of generating the bills
    Property waives the late fee
  • Q7
    What are the some of the payment options available for an RBR account?
    Resident Website, Cash and Chat
    IVR, Phone through a live agent and Chat
    Phone through a live agents, MoneyGram and Autopay
    IVR, Mail, Resident Website and On site
  • Q8
    Residents can set up autopay using their credit/debit card
    Only if approved by supervisor
  • Q9
    Who handles move in's and move out's
    Local Utility District
    Loyalty Team
  • Q10
    If a resident’s account is RBR, they cannot submit a payment to the property directly.
    They can but not all the time
    Only if the resident insists

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