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Day 6 - Surveying

Quiz by Technos Technical Coaching

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50 questions
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  • Q1
    The zero of the graduated circle of a prismatic compass is located a
    South end
    East end
    North end
    Any of these
  • Q2
    The latitude of an traverse line is obtained by the product of length and
    Sine angle
    Cosecant angle
    Cosine angle
    tangent angle
  • Q3
    …..meridian of a place changes its position with time
    None of these
  • Q4
    Magnetic bearing of survey lines at any place
    Are always greater than true bearing
    Vary differently in different parts
    Change systematically
    Remain constant
  • Q5
    The line in which plane passing through the given point and the north and south poles intersects the surface of the earth is called
    True meridian
    None of these
    Arbitrary meridian
    Magnetic meridian

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