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Day/Night Check-up

Quiz by Tara Huang

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    What causes the cycle of day and night on Earth?
    the moon casting a shadow on earth to cause night
    the rotation of earth on its axis
    the rotation of the sun
    the revolution of the earth around the sun
  • Q2
    Earth completes one rotation in:
    12 hours
    365 days
    5 hours
    24 hours
  • Q3
    The sun appears to move across the sky from:
    west to east
    north to south
    south to north
    east to west
  • Q4
    When one half of Earth is experiencing day, the other half is experiencing:
  • Q5
    If Earth did not revolve around the sun, but was still rotating, we would not have day and night.

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