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Deaf History

Quiz by Necole Robinson

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40 questions
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  • Q1
    Who is this gentleman?
    Question Image
    Laurent Clerc
    Charles-Micheal De L' Eppes
    Thomas Gallaudet
  • Q2
    What was Aristotle philosophy about deaf people?
    Question Image
    Sign Language is very important
    Deaf people were a sin
    Deaf People could not be educated. Without the ability to hear, people could not learn.
    Deaf People are smart and they can be educated
  • Q3
    Why is the Benedictine Monks important to Deaf History?
    Question Image
    They develop their own form of sign language to teach and communicate with the deaf
    They created the first deaf school
    They taught deaf children to speak.
    They believe Deaf Children are a sign of God’s anger at the sins of their parents.
  • Q4
    True or False: In the 1500's, There were deaf schools in some countries.
  • Q5
    What is this method called?
    Question Image
    French Method
    Total Communication
    Sign Language
  • Q6
    Who are they?
    Question Image
    Edward Gallaudet & Alice Cogswell
    Thomas Gallaudet & Alice Cogswell
    Laurent Clerc & Sophia Flowers
    Laurent Clerc & Alice Cogswell
  • Q7
    Who is this gentleman? (*Hint- Deaf French Educator)
    Question Image
    Thomas Braidwood
    Thomas Gallaudet
    Laurent Clerc
    Alexander Graham Bell
  • Q8
    When was the American School for the Deaf founded?
    Question Image
  • Q9
    Why is Thomas Gallaudet and Laurent Clerc so important in Deaf History?
    Question Image
    Because they established the first deaf school in America called America School for the Deaf.
    Because they were well like in the hearing community
    Because they established Gallaudet University
    Because they were well like in the hearing community
  • Q10
    Who is this and what was her hearing status?
    Question Image
    Alice Cogswell and she is hearing
    Alice Cogswell and she is deaf
    Eliza Crocker Boardman Clerc and she is hearing
    Sopha Flowers and she is deaf
  • Q11
    What is so cool about Marthia's Vineyard?
    Question Image
    There were hearing people who wanted Deaf people to leave
    Deaf People who lived there were rich there.
    It was used by majority of deaf people and they had their own Sign Language (MVSL)
    First deaf school was established there
  • Q12
    Who is this gentlemen?
    Question Image
    Edward Minor Gallaudet
    Laurent Clerc
    Thomas Gallaudet
    Abraham Lincoln
  • Q13
    Why is Edward Minor Gallaudet important in Deaf History?
    Because he became a educator like his father
    Because he was the first deaf educator
    Because he was the founder of Gallaudet University
    Because he was the founder of American School for the Deaf
  • Q14
    Why is this Laurent Clerc sign name?
    Question Image
    Because he had scarred on the right side of his face from felling off the cliff
    Because its the sign for cute
    Because he has pretty lips
    Right side of his face was badly burned
  • Q15
    When was Columbia Institution for the Instruction of the Deaf and Dumb and Blind renamed to Gallaudet University?
    Question Image

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