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Dealing with Discipline Problems

Quiz by Christine Chan

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  • Q1
    What are some ways to stop misbehaviour quickly ?
    Make eye contact ; Use of verbal hints ; "I" Message ; Remind them of the correct procedure ; Ask the student to state the correct rule or procedure ; Tell the student to stop the misbehaviour ; Offer a choice ;
  • Q2
    What are the 4 types of bullying ?
    Physical ; Verbal ; Social/Relational ; Cyberbullying ;
  • Q3
    Give an example of cycberbullying.
    Spreading rumours through social media
  • Q4
    How can we make sure that the intended message is being received ?
    Use of the paraphrase rule
  • Q5
    What is paraphrase rule ?
    Policy whereby listeners must actually summarize what a speaker has said before being allowed to respond.
  • Q6
    Give 1 method of resolving a conflict between a student and teacher ?
    1. Teacher imposes a situation 2. Teacher gives in to the student's demands 3. "no-lose method"
  • Q7
    How should we counsel the student's problem ?
    Use of empathetic listening.
  • Q8
    What are the 5 step negotiation strategy ?
    Jointly define the conflict ; Exchange positions and interests ; Reverse Perspectives ; Invent at least 3 agreements that allow mutual gain ; Research an integrative agreement

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