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Dec 18


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25 questions
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  • Q1
    The following are requirement in securing a Solo Parent ID except
    Barangay Certificate residency in the area
    Documents or evidence that the parent is a solo parent
    Proof of Income
    Income Tax Return or certification from the barangay or municipal treasurer
  • Q2
    Is parental leave retroactive since the law took effect last November 2000?
    Yes. Parental leave is cumulative and can be availed anytime of the year.
    No. It is the right of the solo parent
    No. Parental leave is non-cumulative and can be availed only during the year.
    Yes. It can be availed even without the Solo Parent ID.
  • Q3
    School Information Coordinator shall be designated in every public elementary, secondary and senior high school nationwide as counterparts of the Division and Regional Information Officer. The designated SICs shall be tasked to EXCEPT
    assist and act as focal persons in verifying and addressing issues and concerns raised by the public and the media involving their school or area;
    Perform other tasks related to the efficient communication, documentation and dissemination of information to Deped Central Office and vice versa
    Withhold updates to the schools division, region or central office that may be referred to in media releases to national media;
    Facilitate the conduct of verification of information based on protocols,data privacy, integrity and confidentiality;
  • Q4
    Pursuant to Deped Order no. 12, s.2021, Amendment to DO no. 30, s.2020( Amendment to DO no. 7, s.2020, School Calendar and Activities for School Year 2020-2021), the timeline for the RPMS implementation for teaching personnel in Activity Phase 2 : Classroom Observation 2 ; shall be adjusted to
    June - July 2021
    March - April 2021
    May - June 2021
    April - May 2021
  • Q5
    1. The following are the requirements for the application for subsidy or allowance (under Section 4 (n) RA 11494 otherwise known as the “Bayanihan to Recover as One Act) I. Preliminary questions to determine student applicant’s priority level as a grantee/beneficiary II. About the student applicant’s III. Address/Contact and other details of the student applicant to determine eligibility IV. About members of the family household living with the student applicant V. About the school of the student applicant VI. Attestation
    II, III, IV, V, VI
    III, IV, V, VI
    I, II, IV, V, VI
    I, II, III, IV, V, VI
  • Q6
    RA 11494 is also known as _____________________________.
    magna carta for teachers
    Special Protection of Children Against Abuse, Exploitation and Discrimination
    Campus Journalism Act
    Bayanihan to Recover as One Act
  • Q7
    1. The following are the preliminary questions to determine student applicant’s priority level as a grantee/beneficiary under Section 4(n) of RA 11494 otherwise known as the “Bayanihan to Recover as One Act” I. Choose type of grant for subsidy/allowance II. Information about the student applicants current school this year (SY 2020-2021) III. Information about the student applicants school year (SY 2019-2020)
    I, II
    III only
    I, II, III
    I, III
  • Q8
    1. How many digits will a Learners Reference Number have?
  • Q9
    2. Which of the following documents below does not require to indicate the LRN.
    Form 137
    Diploma or Certificate of Completion
    Form 138
    CSC Form 212
  • Q10
    Which of the following are required to have a LRN Number
    Elementary public-school students
    High school students
    Senior High School students
    All of the above
  • Q11
    This indicator measures the general level of participation of young children in early childhood development programs. It indicates the capacity of the education system to prepare young children for elementary education. The system generates this indicator only up to the level of the legislative districts and above.
    Gross Enrolment Ratio
    Gross Enrolment Ratio in Early Childhood Development Programs
    Percentage of Grade 1 Pupils with Early Childhood Development Programs
    Apparent/Gross Intake Rate
  • Q12
    All schools are expected to conduct a general assembly for the purpose of orienting the stakeholder on the following except for one? a. Curriculum b. Co-curricular program c. Ancillary services d. School Improvement
    Ancillary services
    Co-curricular program
    School Improvement
  • Q13
    It is an appointment through __________ to a position in the civil service except as herein otherwise provided, shall be issued to a person who has been selected from a list of qualified persons certified by the Commission from an appropriate register of eligible and who meets all the other requirements of the position.
  • Q14
    It is a distinctive sphere of the teaching-learning process, and is also a well-defined arena for demonstrating positive teacher practices.
    Self-assessment tools
  • Q15
    RA 8491 states that our national Motto shall be?

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