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Decimals (All Operations)

Quiz by Kim Norris

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15 questions
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  • Q1
    What is the sum of 12.45 and 3.87?
  • Q2
    A bracelet that costs $11.26 was marked down to $9.38. How much was the bracelet marked down?
  • Q3
    A rectangular garden is 1.25 meters wide and 3.4 meters long. What is the area of the garden?
    3.25 meters squared
    4.25 meters squared
    8.75 meters squared
    4.13 meters squared
  • Q4
    Daloris swam 3 lengths of a swimming pool in a total of 16.32 seconds. The third length took her 5.89 seconds. How long did it take Daloris to swim the first 2 lengths of the pool?
    10.53 seconds
    10.43 seconds
    11.53 seconds
    11.43 seconds
  • Q5
    Gelisa caught one fish with a mass of 1.78 kilograms, and a second fish with a mass of 1.43 kilograms. What is the total mass of the two fish, rounded to the nearest tenth?
    3.0 kg
    3.1 kg
    3.2 kg
    3.3 kg
  • Q6
    At a recent track meet, the fastest time in the 40-yard dash was 4.37 seconds, and the slowest time was 5.08 seconds. How long after the first runner did the last runner finish?
    1.53 seconds
    10.17 seconds
    0.71 second
    4 seconds
  • Q7
    The sides of a triangle measure 4.56 centimeters, 10.37 centimeters, and 8.95 centimeters. What is the perimeter of the triangle?
    19.32 cm
    14.93 cm
    13.51 cm
    23.88 cm
  • Q8
    Scott had $12.58. He purchased two apples for $1.13 each and one bottle of juice for $1.76. There was no sales tax. How much money did Scott have after his purchases?
  • Q9
    At a store, bananas cost $0.68 per pound. How much will 4.5 pounds of bananas cost?
  • Q10
    Dave bought a package of 4 chocolate cookies. Each cookie weighed 0.5 ounces. How much did the 4 cookies weigh all together?
    9 ounces
    0.9 ounces
    0.20 ounces
    2 ounces
  • Q11
    Jane bought a 7 pack of fancy water bottles for $3.57. How much would each bottle cost if she purchased them separately?
  • Q12
    Tony has 5.8 kg of coffee. He will put them in 8 bags. How much will be in each bag?
    6.6 kg
    0.725 kg
    0.5 kg
    46.4 kg
  • Q13
    There are 1.6 kilometers in a mile. How many miles are there in 28.8 kilometers?
    19 miles
    18.2 miles
    18.6 miles
    18 miles
  • Q14
    Larry works a total of 76.5 hours in 9 days. If he works the same amount of time daily, how many hours did he work each day?
    9.5 hours
    8.5 hours
    9 hours
    8 hours
  • Q15
    Jessica buys 3 pounds of bananas at the grocery store for $0.57 per pound. If she has a coupon for $0.50 off, how much will the bananas cost her before tax?

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