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Decimals - All Operations

Quiz by Niki Williams

Grade 6
Common Core

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20 questions
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  • Q1
    What is the value of 7.2 × 6.3?
  • Q2
    Students in the 6th grade sold 2,050 plants, for a profit of $5.50 per plant. The profit will be distributed equally to 110 students in the 6th grade for a field trip. How much did each student receive?
  • Q3
    Kelsey bought 3 pounds of bananas for $1.17 and 2 pounds of apples for $3.38. How much less per pound did the bananas cost than the apples?
  • Q4
    Rachel has 10.8 cups of waffle batter. If each waffle uses 0.45 cup of batter, how many waffles can Rachel make?
    10 waffles
    5 waffles
    11 waffles
    24 waffles
  • Q5
    Two friends ordered a pizza for $14.99, 2 drinks for $1.99 each, bread sticks for $4.95, and 2 salads for $2.98 each. All prices include sales tax. They agreed to split the bill equally. How much did each friend pay?
  • Q6
    Alex sold 3 pumpkins. The first pumpkin weighed 15.12 kilograms. The second pumpkin weighed 4.38 kilograms. The third pumpkin weighed twice as much as the total weight of the first two pumpkins. What is the total weight of all three pumpkins?
    58.50 kg
    19.50 kg
    10.74 kg
    39.00 kg
  • Q7
    A trapezoid has sides that measure 3.25 inches, 5.6 inches, 2.8 inches, and 2.5 inches. What is the perimeter of the trapezoid?
    12.15 inches
    14.25 inches
    13.25 inches
    14.15 inches
  • Q8
    Rachel earns $10.90 an hour. She works 22.5 hours each week. How much money will Rachel earn in 3 weeks?
  • Q9
    Mrs. Johnson has $148 to spend on classroom supplies. She spent $33.50 for paper, $22.75 for pencils, and $17.80 for markers. How much money does Mrs. Johnson have for other supplies?
  • Q10
    An adult’s ticket to an amusement park costs $18.50 during the week and $20.50 on the weekend. All children’s tickets cost $10.00. Matthew took his family to the amusement park on the weekend and bought 2 adults’ tickets and 3 children’s tickets. How much money did Matthew spend?
  • Q11
    Mrs. Smith bought 4 dozen doughnuts and paid a total of $13.92. What was the cost of 1 doughnut?
  • Q12
    A parking lot charges $1.25 for the first hour and $0.75 for each additional hour. Matthew parked his car in the lot for 11 hours. He gave the cashier $10.00 for parking. How much change did Matthew receive?
  • Q13
    Susan takes care of a child for 2 hours after school each weekday and 6 hours on Saturday. How much will she earn in 5 weeks if she earns $2.50 per hour?
  • Q14
    Mrs. Smith is taking 120 students to a museum. She must collect the amounts below from each student to cover the costs: $3.50 for the bus $2.70 for lunch $2.50 for admission to the museum What is the total amount of money Mrs. Smith must collect from the students?
  • Q15
    Jessica and two friends spent $36.93 on dinner. They left a $6.00 tip. How much did each person spend if they split the bill and tip equally?

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