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Decline of Rome and Greece

Quiz by Pamela O'Neill

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9 questions
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  • Q1
    The Greek colonies around the Mediterranean knew about Greek culture but were not necessarily loyal to Greece because
    Greece was not unified
    They didn't like the Greek culture
    they were really Roman at heart
    they were controlled by the Muslims and Greeks were typically Christian
  • Q2
    How did the independence of the city-states contribute to Greece's fall?
    the city-states can make their own choices which sometimes causes them to side with other civilizations instead of supporting each other
    the city-states are at war a lot with each other which divides the city-states and prevents them from unifying
    the city-states all have different government systems which means they sometimes do not get along with each other
    All of the answers are correct
  • Q3
    Why was Greece not a unified civilization
    Greece was one civilization before a war separated all the small villages creating independent city states
    Since Greece was split into city-states with their own governments, they all worked together
    Greece was a unified civilization
    Greece's land is 80% mountains which naturally separated the small cities from each other which prevented them from unifying
  • Q4
    How did political instability lead to the fall of Rome?
    corrupt guards
    could not transfer power peacefully between emperors
    high taxes on poor people
  • Q5
    How did heavy taxes impact the people of Rome
    could not afford to defend their empire
    could not transfer power peacefully
    army became smaller
    drove people into poverty, unemployment became an issue
  • Q6
    Why was the size of the roman Empire a problem that contributed to the empire's fall?
    many emperors were needed to rule the empire
    the size of the empire made it hard to define and control
    there were a lot of mountains
    much of the empire was empty land with no population
  • Q7
    Bad emperors, division of the empire, moving of the capital from Rome to Byzantium were
    religious reasons for the fall of the empire
    political reasons for the fall of the empire
    economic reasons for the fall of the empire
    military reasons for the fall of the empire
  • Q8
    In order to keep their army strong enough to defend their massive borders, Romans were forced to hire _______ and these people were _________ to the Romans
    slaves; not loyal
    slaves; very loyal
    mercenaries; not loyal
    mercenaries; very loyal
  • Q9
    Which of the following was a cause in the fall of Ancient Greece
    The Greek colonies were not strong allies of the Greeks
    Rebellion of the poorer classes against the wealthy
    All of the answers
    Constant warring between Greek city-states

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