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Deep Survival 1

Quiz by Rachel Bynum

Grade 9-10
English Language Arts
Florida Standards

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Grade 9-10
English Language Arts
Florida Standards


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9 questions
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  • Q1
    Who is the author of "Deep Survival?"
    Laurence Gonzales
    Juliane Koepcke
    Piers Paul Read
    Bill Garleb
  • Q2
    What happened to Juliane?
    Plane crash
    Lost in the Woods
    A boating accident
  • Q3
    What was the difference between Juliane and the other passengers that helped her survive?
    Her attitude and behavior
    Her clothing and resources
    Her faith in being rescued
    Her family background
  • Q4
    What does Louis Pasteur say about luck?
    Luck does not exist
    Luck favors the prepared mind
    Luck is all up to chance
    Luck is hard work and faith
  • Q5
    Juliane was wearing...
    her conformation dress and heals
    her jeans and converse
    her tank-top and shorts
    her hiking boots and jacket
  • Q6
    What does Juliane follow to survive?
    Waits for rescue
    Finds shelter
    Sets off a flair
    Follows the river
  • Q7
    Can following the rules during a disaster have an negative affect on your chances of survival?
  • Q8
    Survivors aren't fearless they...
    pretend to be brave until they are
    use fear: turn it into anger and focus
    use fear: turn it into hope
    can't be they're human
  • Q9
    What are not part of survival?
    Adventure and success
    Cunning and deception
    Bravery and heroics
    Despair and hopelessness

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