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Deep Water - CCQs 3

Quiz by Prem Kumar J

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    What lesson did Douglas learn from his experience of drowning?
    love for swimming
    learnt swimming
    swimming is not difficult
    Face the fear
  • Q2
    How did the instructor make Douglas a good swimmer?
    by pushing him into the pool
    with the help of ropes and belts
    with the help of ropes
  • Q3
    What plan did Douglas make to overcome his fear of water?
    planned to swim more
    planned to watch swimmers
    Planned to get an instructor
    planned to jump
  • Q4
    What does Douglas do to save himself in the pool?
    shouted aloud
    called people
    used his mind and pushed himself up
    shouted for help
  • Q5
    Why did Douglas fail to come to the surface of the pool as he hoped to?
    because of fear and inability to move
    because of inability to move
    Because of fear of swimming
    because of fear
  • Q6
    What was the impact of the pool incident?
    hydrophobia was revived
    became overconfident
    become confident
    developed fear
  • Q7
    How many times did Douglas try to come to the surface of the pool?
    Five times
  • Q8
    Why did Douglas hate to walk with bare legs?
    because of skin color
    ugly looking legs
    because of skinny legs
    fat legs
  • Q9
    Why did Douglas' mother recommend that he should learn swimming at the Y.M.C.A swimming pool?
    because it was local
    because it was shallow and safe
    because it was shallow
    because it was safe
  • Q10
    How did the instructor make Douglas a good swimmer?
    by making him watch other swimmers
    by giving instructions
    by using belts and ropes
    by pushing him into the pool

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