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Defeat of Nazi Germany

Quiz by Ms Prem

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10 questions
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  • Q1

    Which of the following referred to the Axis Powers?

    Japan, Italy, Germany

    USSR, Germany, Japan

    Japan, China, Germany

    Italy, Africa, Germany

  • Q2

    The position of the USA regarding Europe was largely isolationist in the late 1930s. What does isolationist mean?

    It means they were very active in solving the problems of other nations. 

    It means to be excluded by other nations from joint events.

    It means staying away from the affairs of other nations to maintain peace by avoiding involvement in foreign affairs.

    It means being only indirectly involved through the supply of weapons and other resources.

  • Q3

    When did USA formally enter the war?

    June 1941

    December 1941

    September 1939

    December 1945

  • Q4

    What is the name of the USA President during WW2 in Europe?


    Franklin Delano Roosevelt

    Woodrow Wilson

    Theodore Roosevelt

  • Q5

    Which of the following signalled the end of American neutrality?

    Cash & Carry policy

    Lend-Lease Act

    Hitler's invasion of Poland

    Death of the USA President

  • Q6

    What happened to France in June 1940?

    It was captured by Germany.

    It joined forces with Germany.

    It had a separate dispute with USSR.

    It left the war to focus on internal elections.

  • Q7

    As part of the 'Arsenal of democracy', what did the USA offer Britain?

    50 old destroyers

    500 u-boats

    Free supply of weapons

    50 fighter planes

  • Q8

    The USA imposed economic sanctions on the Axis Powers to deprive them of resources needed for the war effort.



  • Q9

    What was the event that made the USA formally enter WW2?

    Signing of the Tripartite Pact

    D-Day Landings

    Attack on Pearl Harbour

    Operation Overlord

  • Q10

    D-Day is referred to the day when the Allies chose to land their troops in






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