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Density & Convection Currents

Quiz by Chris Rafalik

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  • Q1
    The sudden movement of the plates is caused by -
    Question Image
    unbalanced forces
    gravitational force
    the weight of the plates
    the mass of the plates
  • Q2
    The folded mountains in this model form at which type of boundary?
    Question Image
    Transform boundary
    Subduction boundary
    Divergent boundary
    Convergent boundary
  • Q3
    Which student correctly identified the geologic process that formed the Himalayan mountains?
    Question Image
    Student 2
    Student 1
    Student 3
    Student 4
  • Q4
    The rising magma that can result from this type of plate movement may produce -
    Question Image
    sea floor spreading
    Volcanic islands
    deep-sea sediment
    Fossil layers
  • Q5
    What do these volcanoes indicate about plate tectonics in the region?
    Question Image
    The volcanoes form a line, indicating a diverging plate boundary.
    Two plates are moving past each other, causing faulting and magma formation.
    Two plates are moving apart, creating new seafloor.
    The volcanoes form an island arc, indicating a convergent boundary.

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