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Desert Life

Quiz by Ms. Acosta

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  • Q1
    The word telescope comes from the Greek roots tele- and scop-. Scop- means "to see". What does tele- probably mean?
  • Q2
    Why would someone use a telescope?
    to look at things in the distance
    to find something that is lost
    to see the details of a small object
    to break something into smaller parts
  • Q3
    The word log comes from the Greek root log-, which means "word". What does log mean in the sentence "A scientist studying in this desert would find a surprising variety of life to not in his or her log"?
    a written record
    a story told aloud
    a tool for writing
    a type of speech
  • Q4
    Reread the first paragraph under the subtitle Desert Plants and Animals. What is the main idea of the paragraph?
    There are many types of cacti found in deserts.
    The saguaro cactus grows around the world.
    The saguaro cactus is able to survive in the Sonoran Desert.
    Cacti can live in the desert because they do not need any water.
  • Q5
    Which detail from the first paragraph under the subtitle "Desert Plants and Animals" best supports the main idea?
    The saguaro cactus is a type of plant.
    The saguaro cactus stores water.
    The saguaro cactus can be tall.
    The saguaro cactus is known by many.
  • Q6
    Which sentence helps to explain that every living thing in the Sonoran Desert is part of the desert food chain?
    Rodents and birds eat the desert plants.
    The Sonoran Desert might seem quiet and empty at first.
    Bighorn sheep are able to jump away from predators.
    Cacti live in the Sonoran Desert

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