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Design and Planning

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Before designing a product what is the most important thing to consider?
    The purpose of the product
    How long it will take
    Who will help us make it
    Which materials to make it with
  • Q2
    What is the first type of drawing you should do when designing?
    A rough sketch
    A detailed drawing with labels
    We never draw when designing
    A map
  • Q3
    In Design and Technology, what is modelling?
    Showing off new clothes
    Taking a product apart to see how it is made
    Copying your friend’s actions
    Making a model of your design
  • Q4
    Which is NOT important when choosing the material for your product?
    Is my friend using this material?
    Do I have the tools to cut/shape the material?
    Is the material right for the purpose of the product?
    Is the material available?
  • Q5
    When designing a product, whose needs must we try to satisfy?
    Your friend
    The user
    The teacher
    Your mum
  • Q6
    Why do we make a test product?
    To take home
    To make sure our design will work
    To show our friends
    It’s fun
  • Q7
    On the final design what do we use to show more details?
    We don’t show details
    Colour the design is in
  • Q8
    You’ve designed your product, you have the materials and equipment, what else must you have before making it?
    A friend
    An ice cream
  • Q9
    When your product is complete, what do we call the process of thinking about how good the product is?
  • Q10
    What is the main question you ask when evaluating your product?
    What is it?
    How long did it take to make?
    How could I improve it?
    Will the teacher like it?

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