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Developing Reading


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10 questions
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  • Q1

    Where did Wally's Grandma Live?

    Question Image

    in the province

    in a city suburb

    in the city

  • Q2

    Why did Wally fail to see the beautiful scenery?

    Question Image

    He slept almost throughout the way

    He was wearing dark glasses

    He was not interested to look at the scenery

  • Q3

    Where did Wally ride?

    Question Image

    in a jeepney

    on a train

    on a bus

  • Q4

    Who was with Wally when he visited Grandma?

    Question Image

    his mother

    his father


  • Q5

    How did Wally try to freshen himself

    Question Image

    He stretched out his arms and legs

    He jumped

    He ran and ran

  • Q6

    According to Grandma, what did Wally miss by sleeping all the way?

    Question Image

    Grandma's house

    the place where they were going

    the beautiful scenery on the countryside

  • Q7

    Why di Wally not enjoy his first visit to Grandma?

    Question Image

    The roads were potmarked

    The roads were smooth and nice

    The journey was long

  • Q8

    What did Grandma call Wally for sleeping all the way?

    Question Image




  • Q9

    Why were the roads easy to travel on now?

    Question Image

    They were cleaned by the government

    They had been repaired by the government

    They were damaged by the government

  • Q10

    How was life after the flood?

    Question Image

    It returned to normal

    It was never the same again

    It was much better than before


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