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Diagnostic Test - Module 1

Quiz by Aurora J. Ramos

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7 questions
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  • Q1

    Evaluate 4.5 x 107 - 2.8 x 108

    2.35 x 107

    2.3 x 108

    -2.35 x 108

    2.3 x107

  • Q2

    Determine the position of the darts in terms of accuracy and precision.

    Question Image

    low accuracy, low precision

    low accuracy, high precision

    high accuracy, high precision

    high accuracy, low precision

  • Q3

    How many significant digits are there in   0.000231





  • Q4

    Which of the following sets of measurement the value with good accuracy?

    20.2ml, 20.5 ml, 20.3 ml 20.1 ml

    19.3ml, 19.2 ml, 18.6 ml, 18.7 ml  

    18.8ml, 19.0 ml, 19.2 ml, 18.8 ml.

    18.6ml, 17.6 ml, 19.6 ml, 17.2 ml

  • Q5

    1.   The prefixes above are added to the following base units EXCEPT to one. Which one is it?





  • Q6

    KOI-456.04, the most Earth-like planetthat astronomers had found, is 283 820 000 000 000 000 000 km away from Earth.How should this distance be written in standard scientific notation?

    283. 82 x10+18 km                    

    283. 82 x10-18 km         

    2.8382 x10+20 km     

    283. 82 x1018 km         

  • Q7

    Rachelle bought a piece of land that has a length of 2 x102 meters and width of 7 x102 meters. What is the area of the land that Rachelle bought?

    1.4 x10m2

    1.4 x10m2

    1.4 x10m2

    1.4 x105 m2


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