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Dick Clark Test 1 (Pages 1-4)

Quiz by Earl Kent

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12 questions
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  • Q1
    Dick Clark was a cultural icon whose youthful appearance over time earned him the nickname of
    TV Legend
    America’s Oldest Teenager
    Entertainment Mogul
    Mr. American Bandstand
  • Q2
    When the ABC network started broadcasting American Bandstand to the entire nation Dick Clark was
    the Stand-In host
    the sole face of the program
    a weatherman
    a local radio station DJ
  • Q3
    Rock and Roll was widely regarded by parents as
    a necessary evil
    the stuff of the devil
    race music
    teenage dance music
  • Q4
    What was the first teenage revolution in this country?
    American Bandstand
    Fan Power
    Dancing to Rock and Roll
    Rock and Roll Music
  • Q5
    American Bandstand was one of the first shows to show the world that teenagers
    have the power to change history
    can't influence a nation
    can dance to rock and roll music
    aren't responsible
  • Q6
    Dick Clark changed the face of rock and roll by
    showing that advertisers were willing to spend money on it
    proving to parents that it was good dance music
    making it appealing for both parents and teenagers
    showing that blacks and whites could dance together
  • Q7
    Every teenager that walked through the green doors at American Bandstand
    got to see a free concert of their favorite artists
    got to dance to their favorite music
    became a star
    got to meet their favorite artists
  • Q8
    Kids on American Bandstand could vote for records they believed were going to become hits causing people to
    become interested in new music
    buy more records
    watch American Bandstand every day
    see more concerts
  • Q9
    What was one of the audience favorites on American Bandstand?
    Top 10 countdown
    Audience interviews
    Rate a record
    Artist interviews
  • Q10
    Before charges of wrongdoing were laid upon Dick Clark during the Payola scandal
    he sold his shares of the records
    he bribed his accusers
    he denied he had a financial interest in those records
    he bought out his competitors records
  • Q11
    American Bandstand was the first show to have
    African American dancers and artists
    Artists perform live
    a live audience
    live commercials
  • Q12
    When adults turned on American Bandstand and saw blacks and whites dancing together
    they enjoyed the black dancer more than the whites
    they thought it was horrendous
    they were surprised but supportive
    they enjoyed the white dancer more than the blacks

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