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Quiz by Samera Zeideia

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    What is diction?
    Choice of setting
    Placement of characters
    Choice of words or phrases
    The definition of a word
  • Q2
    Why might an author or speaker use diction?
    to clearly convey thoughts
    improve the quality of the writing or speech
    All of the above
    to draw more emotion
  • Q3
    What is an example of diction we learned today?
    All of the above
  • Q4
    How is diction used in "A Cab Driver's Daughter"?
    For fun
    To create the tone of the passage
    To blame her parents for her unhappiness
    To question her decisions
  • Q5
    How might a speaker or author use diction?
    Using certain words or language to manipulate the text
    Using words that don't have too much depth to simplify it
    Not putting effort into writing
  • Q6
    How may diction advance your writing?
    Making the text more relatable
    Keeping the writing simple
    Creating depth to a story
    It does not advance writing
  • Q7
    When can diction be used?
    When creating fairness
    When trying to intensify a story
    When trying to make the reading easy enough for anyone
  • Q8
    Why is diction an important element to develop a story?
    Can be used to create feeling and interest among readers
    to create foreshadowing
    to create symbolism
    none of the above
  • Q9
    How can diction help us in everyday situations?
    to strengthen knowledge of anatomy
    can be used to persuade other people to your ideas
    to understand another language
    to speak to 3 year olds
  • Q10
    How can we indicate if diction is being used?
    the words are delicately chosen
    none of the above

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