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Different speeds (v=s/t)

Quiz by Oak National Academy: GCSE Physics OCR Foundation

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6 questions
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  • Q1
    Match the key words or phrases to their definitions.
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  • Q2
    Match the activity to the typical speed for that activity.
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  • Q3
    A skateboarder travels a distance of 400 m in 50 s. What is their average speed?
    350 m/s
    8 m/s
    450 m/s
    20 000 m/s
    0.125 m/s
  • Q4
    Sound waves travel at 330 m/s in air. A boy sees a firework explode in the distance. The sound arrives 6.0 s after the flash. How far away from the boy did the firework explode (to 2 s.f.)?
    1.0 km
    55 m
    200 m
    2.0 km
  • Q5
    Two cars are traveling in opposite directions (towards each other). The first car is travelling at 30 km/h and the second is travelling at 70 km/h. What is the relative speed of the cars?
    40 km/h
    70 km/h
    30 km/h
    100 km/h
    2100 km/h
  • Q6
    During a race, cyclist A is traveling at 10 m/s and is 200 m behind cyclist B, who is travelling at 8 m/s in the same direction. How long will it take cyclist A to catch up with cyclist B?
    250 s
    20 s
    25 s
    100 s
    160 s

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