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Differentiating biases from prejudices

Quiz by Emillee Arquero

Grade 9
Philippines Curriculum: Grades K-10 (MELC)

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Grade 9
Philippines Curriculum: Grades K-10 (MELC)


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10 questions
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  • Q1

    Directions: Identify whether the given statement is bias or prejudice. 


    Which does not show bias?

    Men are stronger than women.

    The rich are more powerful than those who are poor.

    1. Darren is poor, he can't excel in class.

    The white race is the most powerful race.

  • Q2

    2. Which statement shows bias?

    You would always see her posting on social media. I'msure she's not doing her outputs in class.

    The teacher is so strict. I'm sure she gives very low grades.

    Lira is talkative in class, she can't be trusted.

    Girls are more talkative than boys.

  • Q3

    3. Which statement does not show bias?

    Men perform better at work than women.

    The wives do more responsibilities in the home than theirhusbands.

    Studious learners become more successful than cool ones.

    You're a spoiled brat, surely you can't become independent.

  • Q4

    4. Which statement shows prejudice?

    Women with fairer skin get more votes in the beauty pageant than that with darker skin.

    Women are more creative than men.

    Younger people become more successful in their careers than older ones.

    Rich kids are hard to get along with.

  • Q5

    5. Which does NOT show prejudice?

    You are always quiet, you must be hiding something from me.

    You came from a broken family, your future marriage will surely be a failure too.

    Kaye is an athlete. She must be good at all kinds of sports.

    Men are better athletes than women.

  • Q6

    6. Which statement shows prejudice?

    She has difficulty in hearing. I don't think she can perform her job well.

    Sarah Geronimo is more popular than Liza Soberano.

    Imported products are better than locally made products.

    The boys should jump into the water first. They are brave than the girls.

  • Q7

    7. Which statement shows bias?

    Students learn more in an online class than in a face-to-face class.

    The customers do not know how to dress properly. They surely cannot afford the expensive menu in the restaurant.

    Jen'smother is a good singer. She'll be a good singer too when she grows up.

    The woman dresses properly. She must be rich.

  • Q8

    8. Which statement does NOT show bias?

    Living in such a big house is happier than living in a smaller house.

    The restaurant caters only to customers with cars.

    His father works abroad, so they can afford to buy a brand new car.

    Aurora is the favorite daughter because she has many achievements.

  • Q9

    9. Which statement shows prejudice?

    Having a slimmer body is sexier than those with a heavyweight.

    Younger teachers are more energetic than older ones.

    The winner only won the competition because she is already a celebrity.

    Girls with longer hair are prettier than those with shorter hair.

  • Q10

    10. Which statement shows bias?

    Bench perfumes are more patronized than Penshoppe.

    Myette is so thrifty. She can't be a good friend.

    I know it was Lauren who took my cellphone. She is the only one in class who doesn't have one.

    A learner who is good at Math will become rich in the future.


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