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Digestive System Quiz (Unit 9)

Quiz by Savanna Norris

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  • Q1
    Which function is performed primarily by the digestive system?
    Breakdown of large molecules into smaller ones
    Removes wastes from the body
    Transports nutrients to cells
    Exchange of gases between the blood and its environment
  • Q2
    When a person eats too much food, they store the extra energy as fat. Which type of energy transformation is occurring in the body as energy from food is turned into fat?
    Chemical to chemical
    Thermal to radiant
    Thermal to chemical
    Mechanical to thermal
  • Q3
    Which of the digestive processes above will be found in the middle section of the Venn diagram?
    Question Image
  • Q4
    Which of the following substances is considered an organic compound?
    FeO2 – iron oxide
    C8H9NO2 – acetaminophen
    H2SO4 – sulfuric acid
    HCl – hydrochloric acid
  • Q5
    A student eats a slice of pizza for dinner. Which example below represents a physicalchange in the pizza?
    Chemicals in the stomach digesting proteins
    Saliva changing the starch in the pizza crust to sugar
    Breaking down of fats in the pizza by bile
    Teeth tearing off a bite of pizza
  • Q6
    How are large molecules broken down into smaller molecules during digestion?
    A nuclear reaction occurs causing the atoms in large molecules to change.
    Large molecules undergo a physical change as they are chewed.
    A chemical reaction occurs breaking bonds between atoms in large molecules.
    Large molecules undergo a physiological change as it is squeezed through the small intestine.

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