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Digital Animation

Quiz by Lorena Aguirre Dussán

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20 questions
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  • Q1
    What is computer animation?
    a) A form of art that brings characters and stories to life through movement
    d) A type of software used in the entertainment industry
    c) A technique used to manipulate graphics on a computer screen
    b) The process of creating computer-generated images
  • Q2
    When did computer animation first begin?
    a) 1940s
    c) 1970s
    b) 1960s
    d) 1980s
  • Q3
    How did the team in the 1940s display computer-generated images?
    b) Through virtual reality headsets
    a) Using a cathode ray tube
    c) On paper with pencil drawings
    d) On a computer screen
  • Q4
    What was the significance of Ivan Sutherland's program, Sketchpad?
    a) It introduced the concept of interactive design in computer animation
    b) It allowed users to create 3D computer graphics
    c) It was the first-ever 3D animated film
    d) It revolutionized the entertainment industry
  • Q5
    Who developed the technique called "surface subdivision" in the 1970s?
    a) Ivan Sutherland
    c) Pixar
    d) Autodesk
    b) Ed Catmull
  • Q6
    What was the first-ever 3D animated film called?
    d) Sketchpad
    b) Shrek
    a) Toy Story
    c) The Adventures of André and Wally B
  • Q7
    When did computer animation become more accessible to the masses?
    a) 1940s
    c) 1980s
    d) Recent years
    b) 1960s
  • Q8
    What software allowed artists to bring their creations to life on a whole new level in the 1980s?
    b) RenderMan
    d) Surface Subdivision
    c) 3D Studio
    a) Sketchpad
  • Q9
    How has computer animation evolved in recent years?
    b) It has become less popular in the entertainment industry
    d) It has remained stagnant with no significant advancements
    a) It has become more complex and difficult to create
    c) It has become more accessible to other fields like medicine and architecture
  • Q10
    In what fields has computer animation found its way into, besides films and video games?
    d) Cooking, gardening, and painting
    b) Music, fashion, and sports
    a) Medicine, architecture, and education
    c) Agriculture, transportation, and finance
  • Q11
    What does computer animation allow doctors to do?
    b) Create lifelike characters
    a) Simulate complex surgical procedures
    d) Engage students with interactive learning experiences
    c) Visualize architectural designs
  • Q12
    What is the main focus of planning in animation?
    b) Visualizing architectural designs
    c) Saving time and resources
    d) Captivating audiences
    a) Creating lifelike characters
  • Q13
    What is a storyboard?
    b) A tool used by doctors to simulate surgical procedures
    c) A technique used in 3D computer graphics
    d) A program developed by Ivan Sutherland
    a) A series of drawings that outline each scene of the animation
  • Q14
    Why is a storyboard important in animation?
    d) It guides the audience through the story
    a) It helps animators experiment with different ideas and compositions
    c) It revolutionizes the entertainment industry
    b) It allows doctors to visualize surgical procedures
  • Q15
    What is the narrative structure in animation?
    d) The program used to manipulate graphics on a computer screen
    b) The organization of the plot with a clear beginning, middle, and end
    a) The process of creating lifelike characters
    c) The technique used to simulate surgical procedures

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