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Digital citizenship

Quiz by Doreen Coffey

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  • Q1
    What should you do if you see something online that makes you feel uncomfortable?
    Keep it to yourself
    Tell a grown-up you trust
    Ignore it
    Share it with your friends
  • Q2
    What should you do if someone online asks you for your personal information like your address or phone number?
    Ask for their information instead
    Don't share your personal information
    Ignore their request
    Share it with them
  • Q3
    What is cyberbullying?
    Being kind to others online
    Making new friends online
    Being mean to others online
    Helping others online
  • Q4
    Why is it important to ask for permission before using a device or going online?
    To be a digital superhero
    To have fun
    To break the rules
    To stay safe and respectful
  • Q5
    What does it mean to be a good digital citizen?
    Being rude and mean online
    Being kind, respectful, and safe online
    Ignoring others online
    Sharing personal information online
  • Q6
    What should you do if you accidentally click on something online that you know you shouldn't have?
    Play a game instead
    Keep it a secret
    Click on more things
    Tell a grown-up you trust
  • Q7
    What should you do if a website asks you to create a password?
    Share your password with friends
    Use an easy password like '12345'
    Ask a grown-up to help you create a strong password
    Ignore the password prompt
  • Q8
    What does it mean to be a good friend online?
    To share personal information
    To be kind and helpful
    To be mean and ignore others
    To play pranks on others
  • Q9
    Why is it important to be responsible when using technology?
    To make a mess
    To have fun all the time
    To keep ourselves and others safe
    To be careless with devices

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