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Digital Citizenship

Quiz by Anthony Miranda

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Digital footprint
    all of the information online about a person posted either by that person or others, unintentionally.
  • Q2
    the act of cracking into a computer to steal information
  • Q3
    software that has malicious intent
  • Q4
    Computer virus
    attaches itself to a file or program ,enabling it to spread from one computer to another
  • Q5
    Antivirus software
    a computer program that detects, prevents, and takes action to disarm or remove malicious software programs
  • Q6
    Identity Theft
    when someone wrongful obtains and uses another person's personal data, typically for economic gain
  • Q7
    Privacy settings
    an interface where a user is given partial control of what data about themselves is collected and who can access it.
  • Q8
    The process used by predators to gain the trust of victims and to build false relationships
  • Q9
    the fraudulent practise of sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers.
  • Q10
    wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain

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