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11 questions
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  • Q1
    In alignment with the bank's strategy to remain digitally relevant, the current Full Absa Online platform is on the journey of being sunset and will be replaced by-
    A Digital Express Platform
    A New Online Banking Platform
    A Self Service Express Platform
  • Q2
    Connected banking is about looking into the future of —
    Engaging online banking
    Digital online banking
    Client centred online banking
    Express, simplified and convenient online banking
  • Q3
    Connected Banking was developed as a response to rising customer concerns around -
    Consistency, Help Tools and Customer Engagement
    Customer Support, Consistency and Feedback
    Consistency, Timelines and Navigation
    Help tools, Navigation and Feedback
  • Q4
    Absa's solution in response to the rising customer concerns has been centered around -
    Creating opportunities for customers to engage with bankers
    Creating more help tools for customers to use
    Identifying ways to make navigation easier
    Soliciting and Integrating Customer Feedback into solution development
  • Q5
    Whilst Transacting on the Connected Banking Platform, customers will have more pleasant experiences such as -
    Reduced Payment Steps and Complexities
    Reduced timelines and call waiting
    More help tools
    More customer engagement
  • Q6
    This image represents the tool that a customer can use when navigating on the landing page
    Question Image
    Your personalised greeting
    Tailored Absa product offers
    Personalised account access
    Contextualised help
  • Q7
    This image represents which tool can be utilised when navigating on the platform landing page
    Quick Actions
    Tailored Absa product offers
    Contexualised Help
    The customers personalised greeting
  • Q8
    The Quick Account Actions tool allows for which functionality when navigating the landing page -
    For customers to amend their account details quicker
    For customer to view their account balances quicker
    For customers to access their account easier
    For customers to make inter account transfers/transactions and payments
  • Q9
    This Icon that provides on hand assistance with any transaction a customer may be busy with, is referred to as -
    Contextulised Help
    How To Find out More Personal Aid
  • Q10
    This icon represents the _____________________________ which _________________________
    Exit option ; allows you to return to full service
    Menu Bar; has been changed from the previous drop down Hamburger Menu to this side bar
    Account access ; grants you access to view your account balances
  • Q11
    This image represents the Aditional/Handy tool that a customer can use when navigating on the landing page to get access to...
    Question Image
    Personalised account access
    Your personalised greeting
    Contextualised help
    Tailored Absa product offers

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