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Dimples Delight Part two

Quiz by Levonia Swails

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    He wolfed it down in four spoonfuls. What does the word "wolfed" mean?
    to lick like a lollipop
    an animal related to a dog
    to nibble
    to eat very quickly in big chunks
  • Q2
    How does Stewart think Lawrence should deal with Joe?
    ignore him
    run away
    fight him
  • Q3
    How does Lawerence act when he goes to school?
    He is shaking like a leaf.
    He is giggling like a clown.
    He is arguing with Joe.
    He is cold like an iceberg.
  • Q4
    What does "deaf like a mummy mean"?
    He acts like he does not hear a thing.
    He had cotton in his ears.
    He is wrapped in stips of white cloths.
    His Chromebook is muted.
  • Q5
    Why were Lawrence and Stewart hiding in the bushes?
    They were looking for their lost baseball.
    They were playing hide and seek.
    They did not want Joe to bother them.
    They did not want to play basketball.
  • Q6
    What does Joe do to get other people to laugh at Lawerence?
    He was dancing.
    He was making a funny sound.
    He was clucking like a chicken.
    He was rolling on the floor.
  • Q7
    What is Joe's threat at the end of chapter 3?
    He is laugh at him!
    He will be taller than him!
    He was chase him!
    He will find him wherever he goes!
  • Q8
    Look at the word: strode. What does it mean when Lawrence "strode into class like a cowboy ready to face the bad guys"?
    a strong, serious walk
    a flashing light
    a goofy walk
    a dancing kind of walk
  • Q9
    How does Joe bother Lawrence at home?
    knocks on his door
    prank calls his house
    rings his doorbell
    taps on his window
  • Q10
    Who does Lawrence yell at accidentally?
    hos mom
    Aunt Molly
    his sister
    his dad

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