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Direct and Reported Speech

Quiz by Damace Precilla

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  • Q1

    He says to me, “My parents are highly educated.”

    Convert this direct speech into reported speech.

    They are telling to us that their parents are highly educated.

    He told me that his parents were highly educated.

    He said to me that her mother is a doctor.

    He will tell us that his parents are highly educated.

  • Q2

    Jillian will say to the man, “I have seen you somewhere before.”

    Convert this direct speech into reported speech.

    Jillian told the man that he is familiar.

    Jillian will tell the man that he has seen him somewhere before.

    The man that Jillian saw before was him.

    Jillian will say to the man that he is familiar. 

  • Q3

    Mother said that they were so proud of me.

    Convert this reported speech into direct speech.

    “We are so proud of you,” Mother said.

    According to my mom, “She is so proud of me.”

    “We are so proud of you, mother said.”

    Mother said that, “We were so proud of you.”

  • Q4

    She said enthusiastically that the grapes appear tempting.

    Convert this reported speech into direct speech. 

    “The grapes are tempting her,” the woman replied.

    The woman said enthusiastically, “I like the grapes.”

    “These grapes appear tempting,” she said enthusiastically.

    She said that, “These grapes appear tempting.”

  • Q5

    The tour guide declared that it is raining today so they cannot go there.

    Convert this reported speech to direct speech. 

    The tour guide said it’s raining. 

    “It is raining today so we can’t go there,” declared the tour guide.

    “It’s raining,” said by the tour guide.

    The tour guide declared that, “Today is raining so we can’t go there.”


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