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Disaster in Space

Quiz by Tiffany Dagger

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  • Q1
    During their flight to the moon, the astronauts lived and slept in the _______.
    command module, Odyssey
    lunar module (LM).
    service module
  • Q2
    What caused a loud bang on Apollo 13?
    a fire
    a meteoriod
    an explosion
    a switch
  • Q3
    Why did the astronauts decide to stay in the LM?
    The LM had power, oxygen, and water.
    The LM had a heat shield.
    The LM was very large.
    The LM had enough food.
  • Q4
    Before the astronauts returned to Earth safely, people felt ___________.
  • Q5
    What is one concern the astronauts had on their return to Earth?
    Their spacecraft might explode.
    They might become lost.
    The rocket might run out of fuel.
    Their parachutes may have been damaged in the explosion.
  • Q6
    Why did Jim Lovell say, "Fellows, we're home"?
    The astronauts had returned to Earth.
    The astronauts were inside Mission Control
    The astronauts were inside Odyssey.
    The astronauts arrived at their houses.
  • Q7
    In the article's title, what "disaster" does it refer to?
    Mission Control temporarily lost contact with Apollo 13.
    An explosion badly damaged a spacecraft with three astronauts aboard.
    People lost interest in space exploration.
    Apollo 13 did not make it to the moon.
  • Q8
    In which section of the article can you find details about the catastrophe?
    "Home Again"
    "Scanning the Sky"
    "No Sign of Trouble"
    "The Disaster"
  • Q9
    The article says that as Apollo 13 took off, the astronauts "felt that their bones could shatter." Why?
    They were jammed inside a small place.
    The were traveling extremely fast.
    They were excited and nervous.
    They were extremely cold.
  • Q10
    The author says that inside Odyssey, the astronauts looked like "big fish stuck in a tiny tank." She means that _____________________.
    the astronauts didn't have much room
    Odyssey was filled with water
    the astronauts were good swimmers
    the astronauts had strange looking faces

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