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  • Q1

    The Department spearheaded the establishment of Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (DRRMO). Which of the following define its purpose?

    I. to institutionalize the culture of safety at all levels

    II. to systematize protection of education investments

    III. to ensure continued delivery of quality education services

    IV. to promote cooperation and coordination of Deped and other offices

     I, II, III and IV

    I and II

    I only

     I, II and III

  • Q2

    Which of the following can BEST describe the functions of Deped DRRMO?

     communicative unit

    collaborative unit

    cooperative unit

    coordinative unit

  • Q3

    The establishment of DRRMO in Deped aims to promote protection of learners and educational investments of the Department. As a school head, which of the following can be considered as underlying drivers of disasters in school?

    I. poorly built school structure

    II. lack of warning mechanisms

    III. little knowledge of teachers about risks

    IV. low capacity of administrators in disaster response

    I, II and III

     I and II

    I only

     I, II, III and IV

  • Q4

    DepEd recognizes the importance of safety in school since children spend most of their time there. For this matter, the Department sets the minimum standards for public classrooms. Of the following specifications for Deped buildings, which will NOT promote safety in school?

    swung-out designed doors that can open to 180 degrees

    classroom floors that are 25 mm higher than the corridor floor

    total window openings that are at least 10 square meters in dimensions

    single-story building corridors that are at least 2.50 meters wide

  • Q5

    As a school head, you very well know that improper handling of chemicals in a science laboratory can be hazardous in the sense that it may cause explosions, if not given proper attention. In one of the monitoring of your school’s science laboratory, you observed one inappropriate storing practice in the science laboratory, which could it be?

    storing sodium peroxide in airtight 

     storing phosphorus underwater in a tightly stopped container

    storing dry inorganic substances in compartments

    storing nitric acid next to acetic acid

  • Q6

    As a newly installed schoolhead, one of your priorities is promoting safety in school. It includes fixing your school’s science laboratory to make it even more conducive for learning and hazard-free for children. As you assess the current science laboratory of your school, you observed one issue which you think does NOT comply with the minimum standards of the science laboratory as set by Deped. Of the following which could it be?

    the science laboratory has bilateral fenestration for ventilation

    the science laboratory has wide space that allows mobility inside the room

    the science laboratory has provisions for a storage room

    the science laboratory has movable laboratory tables for ease movement

  • Q7

    As a school head, will you allow the LGU to utilize your school as an evacuation center in time of calamity for more than 15 days?

    Yes, since LGUs and schools are partner stakeholders

    Yes, but only open spaces and gymnasiums can be used as evacuations areas

    Yes, but classrooms can only be used as a last resort for evacuation areas

    Yes, only if LGU will provide written documentation to the Deped and DILG

  • Q8

    Should your school be requested to be one of the evacuations centers in your municipality, who should you recommend as one of the members of the Evacuation Center Management Team (ECMT) which will be responsible for organizing the evacuees in the center?

    SDRRM coordinator


    ASP coordinator

    Property custodian

  • Q9

    . In compliance with the Deped order on the creation of the School Watching Team (SWT), what should you do BEST as the school head of a very small school?

    seek the aid of SSG to identify the members of SWT

    instruct teachers to integrate school watching in their respective lessons

    organize an SWT that is composed of 10 members

    designate a moderator to facilitate the student-led school watching activity

  • Q10

    The role of SSG/SPG in disaster prevention in school is vital because its aid is tapped in several Deped activities including the student-led school watching activities. Among the listed tasks, which does NOT belong to the SSG/SPG?

    SSG/SPG will orient the SWT on the school hazard mapping plan

     SSG/SPG shall present the result of hazard mapping to School Planning Team

    SSG/SPG can redesign SWT composition with the designated moderator. 

    SSG/SPG shall aid in the identification of SWT members

  • Q11

    As a school head, you can give the following orders after the strong earthquake struck your school EXCEPT for one. Which could it be?

    identify students who are left behind

     instruct everyone not to enter partially damaged buildings

    allow the students to go home when the situation permits

    apply the buddy-buddy system if there is a need to evaluate the students

  • Q12

    Your school received a bomb threat through one of your teachers in school. According to her, the caller sounds like making jokes. As a school head, aside from reporting the incident to proper authorities, which of the following should you NOT do while waiting for the responders?

    advise everyone to take their personal belongs

    evacuate everyone to an area 200 meters away from any suspicious device

    assemble everyone in an area 150 meters away from the threatened structure

    inform everyone in the school to treat the threat seriously

  • Q13

    Who is primarily responsible for the planning, implementation, and monitoring of disaster preparedness measures in school?


    Brigada Eskwela Coordinator

    Adopt-A-School coordinator

    SDRRM coordinator

  • Q14

    In the recent visit of the Division DRRM coordinator in your school, he found that your school lacks flood water and school ground elevation marker. As a school head, what should you do?

      coordinate it with your Physical Facility Coordinator

    coordinate it with your Division DRRM coordinator

    coordinate it with your LGU

    coordinate it with your SDRRM coordinator

  • Q15

    As a newly installed school head, you observed that your school is commendable for its efforts to prepare the school for any natural disasters. However, on your monitoring, one early morning, you noticed one thing which you think is NOT compliant to this effort, which could it be?

    availability of updated baseline education data of the school

    regularly pruned trees

    laboratory situated on the first floor of the building

    regularly cleaned drainage systems


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