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Discipline and Ideas in Applied Social Sciences

Quiz by Marianne Torres

Grade 12
Disciplines and Ideas in the Applied Social Sciences
Philippines Curriculum: SHS Specialized Subjects (MELC)

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50 questions
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  • Q1
    Respect for human dignity entails the following EXCEPT
    Unconditional positive regard
    Empathy and trust
    Respect for confidentiality
    Non-judgmental attitude
  • Q2
    Identify which of the situation shows ethical behavior as social worker in the given situations.
    The social worker cater solely to personal interests.
    The social worker divulge important information about the clients
    The social worker set fees that reasonable.
    The social worker committed to responsibilities which he has limited capabilities and resources
  • Q3
    Counselling is applicable in the following situations EXCEPT
    choosing a career track in SHS
    cases of students suffering from physical violence as a result of bullying in school
    students suicidal attempts in school
    cases of students with clinical depression and self-mutilation behavior
  • Q4
    The following are done in school counselling except
    Conduct and develop the criteria for the screening of applicants
    Consider diversity in enhancing educational perspective.
    Make an inventory of students’ behaviour profile.
    Refers to the process of reaching out to students with concerns on drugs, family, peers or gang involved.
  • Q5
    The following describes Applied Social Sciences EXCEPT
    It equip us with the ability to develop practical and effective solutions to societal issues and concerns.
    It critically analyze society and the relationships among the people
    It help us understand and analyze how society works and why it is referred to as a matrix of society.
    They prepare students to tackle some of the most crucial and pressing social, economic, political, and ecological issues of our times.
  • Q6
    The social sciences draws heavily from the theories of the various applied social sciences. The statement is
  • Q7
    Claire helped the informal settlers who migrated from Negros who were facing unemployment find jobs. These clients belongs to
    Groups or organization
    Individual clients
    None of the Above
  • Q8
    The counsellor established partnership among City Officials to address issues in the local area. The counsellor is working in
    School setting
    Government setting
    Private sector setting
    community setting
  • Q9
    In this setting, social workers often serve as human resource development officers who facilitate health and wellness programs that help employees maintain their work-life balance.
    School setting
    Community setting
    Government setting
    Private sector setting
  • Q10
    The legal basis on the practice of guidance and counselling in the Philippines
    Republic Act 5928
    Republic Act 5892
    Republic Act 5898
    Republic Act 9258
  • Q11
    The ____________ is everything to the counseling context as the success or failure of the counseling process depends on the client.
    Process factor
    Contextual factor
    Client factor
    Counselor factor
  • Q12
    A counselor shall be the following EXCEPT:
    keeping conficentiality of everything
    Competent and reliable
    the one who solve the problems
    being honest and trustworthy
  • Q13
    Which of the personels provides personal guidance by helping student seek more options and find better and appropriate in dealing with situations of stress or decision-making.
    Conflict management provider
    School Guidance and Counselor
    marriage counslor
    Human resources personnel
  • Q14
    This draws attentions to the darker forces of the unconscious and the influence that this has on how we feel about ourselves.
  • Q15
    The best thing to do as a counsellor when the problem shared by the client is already beyond your capacity

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