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Discovering Tut: CCQ 1

Quiz by Prem Kumar J

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10 questions
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  • Q1

    How has archeology changed through the decades ?

    focusses more on treasure

    focusses more on physical findings

    focusing less on treasure and more on the fascinating details of life and mysteries of death

    focusses on time factors more

  • Q2

    When did Tut die?

    1,000 years ago

    1, 600 years ago

    2,200 years ago

    3,300 years ago

  • Q3

    Who said “The mummy is in very bad condition because of what Carter did in the 1920s”?

    an Egypt Historian

    Zahi Hawass


    an anatomy professor

  • Q4

    What is the Cemetery of Tut called?

    Tut’s Resting Place

    Resting Peace

    Valley of Flowers

    Valley of the Kings

  • Q5

    What was in the first coffin?

    It was empty

    garlands of olives, lotus petals, and cornflowers

    flowers and coins

    gold, wealth, bronze razor, games, clothes, cases of food and wine

  • Q6

    What was found with Tutankhamun’s body?


    Egyptian Gold Coin


    gold, wealth, bronze razor, games, clothes, cases of food and wine

  • Q7

    For how many years did Tutankhamun rule Egypt?





  • Q8

    How did Carter remove the resins?

    with the help of man power

    with the help of chemicals

    with the help of chisel and hammer

    with the help of machinery

  • Q9

    Who discovered Tut’s tomb and when?

    Sam Shaw in 1890

    Howard Carter in 1922

    Howard Carter in 1930

    Adam Cooper in 1901

  • Q10

    When was the mummy examined in X-Ray by the anatomy professor?

    In 1988

    In 1968

    In 1945

     In 1986


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