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Discovery of the Americas

Quiz by J. Sell

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9 questions
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  • Q1
    How did the first people get to North America?
    using airplanes
    riding on camels
    by a natural land bridge
    on large sailing ships
  • Q2
    How did the early people's lives change after the large animals died out?
    They moved back to Asia
    They planted crops and built houses
    They died out also
    They lived with the Indians
  • Q3
    Who were the first Europeans to voyage to the America and where did they come from?
    Japanese fisherman from Japan
    Saint Brendan for Ireland
    Prince Madoc of Wales
    The Vikings from Norway
  • Q4
    Columbus crossed the Atlantic searching
    for India
    for gold and silver
    to find out if the world was flat or round
    for the Indians
  • Q5
    America is named after this man after he wrote about the new continent
    Ferdinand Magellan
    Christopher Columbus
    Amerigo Vespucci
    John Cabot

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