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Disney Trivia

Quiz by Shayla Bruce

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38 questions
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  • Q1
    What does Woody from Toy Story have in his boot?
    A snake
  • Q2
    Whose tea party does Alice attend?
    The Mad Hatters
  • Q3
    What does Sebastian the crab want Eric to do to Ariel in The Little Mermaid
    Kiss her
  • Q4
    What puts Snow White into a deep sleep?
    A poisoned apple
  • Q5
    What helps the medicine go down in Mary Poppins?
    A spoonful of sugar
  • Q6
    What does Ariel in The Little Mermaid give to Ursula so she can have legs?
    Her voice
  • Q7
    What animal swallowed a clock in Peter Pan?
    A crocodile
  • Q8
    Name the rock on which Simba will stand as King in Lion King
    Pride Rock
  • Q9
    Which Disney character sings the song "Poor Unfortunate Souls'?
  • Q10
    In Alice in Wonderland, what does the bottle with 'drink me' do to Alice?
    It shrinks her
  • Q11
    In which Disney film do you find a group of vegetarian sharks?
    Finding Nemo
  • Q12
    The villain, Hopper, appears in which Disney film?
    A Bug's Life
  • Q13
    Who performs the voice-over of dory the fish in Disney's Finding Nemo?
    Ellen DeGeneres
  • Q14
    Which film will you hear 'Colors of the Wind' sung?
  • Q15
    Which film will you find the characters the Lost Boys?
    Peter Pan

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