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Disney Trivia!

Quiz by Manuela Ospina

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    The Development and Production Process for Live-Action Movies follows this order:
    Question Image
    1) Pre Production 2) Packaging the Project 3) Early Development 4) Active Development 5) Production 6) Post Production
    1) Pre Production 2) Early Development 3) Packaging the Project 4) Active Development 5) Production 6) Post Production
    1) Early Development 2) Active Development 3) Packaging the Project 4) Pre Production 5) Production 6) Post Production
    1) Early Development 2) Pre Production 3) Active Development 4) Production 5) Post Production 6) Packaging the Project
  • Q2
    Taking into account Graham Sewell's Lecture and The Disney case , which innovation strategy adopted by Disney Live Action Studio can be closely related to Jamaican's music industry strategy towards reggae? How did this strategy contributed to Disney’s film value creation?
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  • Q3
    Which Marvel’s Chris is the best Chris ?
    Question Image
    Christ Hemsworth - Thor
    Chris Evans - Captain America
    Chris Pratt - Star Lord
  • Q4
    Disney decides which movies to produce in this way:
    Question Image
    Producing movies that are big, that have global appeal, and that other studios will get out of the way of. Each of the five studio labels contributed and in which it mixed existing and new properties
    Films are voted on. The most popular ones will be produced by the studio that proposed them
    Create a movie that is fantastical and never seen before with budgets of at least $150 million
    There's only focus on high-budget live action movies and a great storyline, which will ensure box office success
  • Q5
    The production Process for animated movies starts with:
    Question Image
    Building the story and Art
    Building The set and organize the cameras
    Modeling the characters.
    Building The animations.
  • Q6
    Taking into account de Walt Disney studio´s case what is their tentpole movie strategy? Do you think it is appropriate?
    Question Image
    A tentpole film is one that typically has a larger budget and marketing campaign than a studio’s average film and has high expectations for being profitable. Tentpole films are also typically expected to support the sales of a wide range of tie-in merchandise
    A tentpole movie is a movie that can carry its brand and characters through Disney's other business units such as Disney Parks, Experiences and Consumer Products, the Disney Music Group, etc
    A tentpole film is that one that has more than one movie, so the producers can create a sequence of the story.
    A tentpole film is that allow that the producers earn enough money to pay all the fix cost
  • Q7
    Which classic Disney princess has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?
    Question Image
    Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)
    Snow white
  • Q8
    Which do you think is the secret of the success of Disney?
    Question Image
    Synergy between all Disney business unit
    All of the above
    Create content and products for all possible ages
    Create a potential media monopoly

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