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Dividing Whole Numbers

Quiz by Kim Norris

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Kendall picked 902 apples at the orchard. He will pack them in crates to sell at the Farmer's Market. If each crate holds 22 apples, how many crates will he fill?
    47 crates
    41 crates
    42 crates
    49 crates
  • Q2
    There are 2,050 sheep being sent on a train. Each railroad car holds 32 sheep. How many railroad cars will be needed for the sheep? Hint: What does your remainder represent?
    65 cars
    66 cars
    63 cars
    64 cars
  • Q3
    The 5th grade classes are visiting the USS NC Battleship for a field trip. The cost of each ticket for the battleship is $12 and the total cost of the tickets was $1,152. How many fifth grade students went on the trip?
    95 students
    90 students
    96 students
    98 students
  • Q4
    There are 9,256 seats in a baseball stadium. Fifty-two people were hired to walk around and sell snacks in the stadium. If each person sells snacks to the same number of seats, how many seats will each person be responsible for?
    170 seats
    176 seats
    178 seats
    180 seats
  • Q5
    A local bakery baked 3,502 cookies for a bake sale fundraiser at a nearby school. They will packaged the cookies into boxes of a dozen cookies. How many FULL boxes of cookies will the bakery have for the bake sale fundraiser? Hint: What does your remainder represent?
    292 boxes
    290 boxes
    291 boxes
    300 boxes
  • Q6
    Sam's parents challenged him to determine how many days old his baby sister is. They told him that she was born exactly 7,008 hours ago. How many days old is Sam's baby sister? Hint: How many hours are in a day?
    292 days
    296 days
    290 days
    294 days
  • Q7
    The sprinklers at a golf course spray 4,592 gallons of water in 56 minutes. How many gallons of water do the sprinklers spray in 1 minute?
    83 gallons
    80 gallons
    82 gallons
    81 gallons
  • Q8
    Lowes Foods is holding a food drive for the next 5 weeks. Their goal is to collect 5,110 items. If they were to collect the exact same number of items each day, how many items will they collect on a given day? Hint: This is a multi-step problem!
    146 items
    147 items
    1,022 items
    1,032 items
  • Q9
    A teacher has 196 pieces of candy to give to her students. If she divides the candy equally among her 28 students, how many pieces of candy will each student get?
    5 pieces
    7 pieces
    4 pieces
    9 pieces
  • Q10
    In two regular seasons, an MLB team will play 324 games. If one season lasts 6 months and they play the same number of games each month, how many games are played in a month? Hint: This is a multi-step problem!
    54 games
    27 games
    53 games
    26 games

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