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Division Word Problems

Quiz by Kim Norris

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  • Q1
    Nikki sold 3,960 cookies to 3 different offices. If she sold the same number of cookies to each office, how many cookies did Nikki sell to each office?
    2,330 cookies
    1,230 cookies
    1,530 cookies
    1,320 cookies
  • Q2
    The railroad company wants to sell $5,964 in tickets. If each ticket costs $12, how many tickets will the railroad have to sell to meet its goal?
  • Q3
    The library had 2,700 books to place in 90 bookcases. How many books will go on each bookcase?
    30 books
    32 books
    28 books
    20 books
  • Q4
    Olivia uploaded 576 photos from her phone to print at the photo lab. The photo lab can only print 48 photos in a set. How many sets of photos does Olivia need to buy to print out all of her photos?
    12 sets
    10 sets
    11 sets
    14 sets
  • Q5
    A farmer is planting his field. He has 1,400 seeds to plant and 35 rows to plant them in. How many seeds will he need to plant in each row?
    40 seeds
    50 seeds
    30 seeds
    20 seeds

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