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Quiz by Angelo Carlo Gulanes

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10 questions
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  • Q1

    What is the purpose of DNA cloning?

    To create genetic material for cloning

    To create identical copies of an organism

    To create identical copies of a gene

    To create proteins for medical purposes

  • Q2

    How is the gene of interest cut out from the DNA?

    Using restriction enzymes

    Using plasmids

    Using heat shock

    Using DNA ligase

  • Q3

    Which enzymes are used to cut out the gene?

    Heat shock

    Restriction enzymes

    DNA ligase


  • Q4

    What is a plasmid?

    A type of bacteria

    A piece of genetic material

    A nutrient for bacteria

    A protein that expresses itself 

  • Q5

    How are the gene and plasmid connected?

    Through DNA ligase

    Through restriction enzymes

    Through heat shock

    Through antibiotics

  • Q6

    What is the purpose of the heat shock?

    To cut out the gene of interest

    To insert theplasmid into the organism

    To select for bacteria with antibiotic resistance

    To replicate the DNA

  • Q7

    How are bacteria that have taken up the plasmid selected?

    Through antibiotic resistance

    Through nutrient growth

    Through heatshock

    Through gene manipulation

  • Q8

    Why are antibiotics added to the nutrient mixture?

    To kill off bacteria

    To encourage bacterial growth 

    To prevent bacteria from growing

    To select for bacteria with antibiotic resistance

  • Q9

    What is the ultimate goal of DNA cloning?

    To create multiple copies of a gene 

    To replicate the DNA of an organism

    To produce insulin for diabetics

    To create antibiotic-resistant bacteria

  • Q10

    How can the bacteria be used to make use of the cloned gene?

    By using its genetic material

    By using its productive machinery 

    By using its antibiotic resistance

    By using its reproductive machinery


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