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Document Management Part 1

Quiz by Enrique Barte

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  • Q1

    A Mid-Term Packet is a correction packet.

    True or False
  • Q2

    3. We only use a user-defined mergefield if there is no available mergefields that we can use.

    True or False
  • Q3

    Why do we see the "Error: User authentication failed" error when generating Bluemoon forms from a packet?

    The cache and cookies of the browser needs to be cleared.

    The bluemoon account is either expired or the credentials are incorrect.

    The forms needs to be regenerated due to a onesite error.

    The forms are not pushed from central to the property.

  • Q4

    How can we set up a bluemoon account in OneSite.

    Settings > Document Management > Bluemoon > Blue Moon Settings

    Settings > Leasing and Rents > Letters and Notices

    Navigation menu > Administration > Other

    Settings > Document Management > Bluemoon > bluemoon account setup

  • Q5

    What snapshot can we use to look into the packets created and opened.

    Packet Leasing Summary

    Task summary


    Document Storage Monitor


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