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Dom Rep 3

Quiz by Greg Williford

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    What reflects the Dominican Republic's Hispanic heritage in its society and culture?
    Technology and innovation
    Economic policies
    Daily life and traditions
    Political system
  • Q2
    2. What is a popular musical form in the Dominican Republic with African antecedents?
    Hip hop
    Classical music
  • Q3
    3. Who is known as the father of Dominican independence?
    Horacio Vásquez
    Juan Pablo Duarte
    Rafael Trujillo
    Joaquín Balaguer
  • Q4
    4. What was the profession of Ulises Heureaux, who dominated the Dominican Republic from 1882 to 1899?
    Military strongman
  • Q5
    5. What was the U.S. influence on the Dominican Republic during the 1916-24 occupation?
    Implementing democratic reforms
    Promoting tourism
    Establishing educational institutions
    Introducing baseball and building infrastructure
  • Q6
    6. Who was the first directly elected democratic and progressive president in the Dominican Republic's history?
    Leonel Fernández
    Juan Bosch
    Rafael Trujillo
    Hipólito Mejía
  • Q7
    7. What international agreement did the Dominican Republic enter under Mejía's presidency?
    ASEAN Agreement
    EU Partnership
  • Q8
    8. Who won the 2016 Dominican presidential election with over 60% of the vote?
    Hipólito Mejía
    Danilo Medina
    Leonel Fernández
    Luis Abinader
  • Q9
    9. What was a major criticism of Medina's response to the 2020 health crisis?
    Economic mismanagement
    Lack of environmental policies
    Insufficient educational reforms
    Handling of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Q10
    10. Who became president in 2020 as the candidate of the Modern Revolutionary Party?
    Hipólito Mejía
    Leonel Fernández
    Luis Abinader
    Danilo Medina

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