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Domain II

Quiz by Ebuwei, Patience

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25 questions
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  • Q1
    The __________ branch of U.S. government passed the HIPAA Federal Mandate in 1996.
  • Q2
    Andrew Johnson, MD, was the only gastroenterology office in the city. Then, a new medical school graduate, Howard Nyguen, MD, opened a gastroenterology center with advanced technologies that Dr. Johnson could not afford. Dr. Johnson started telling his patients that the new physician did not speak English clearly and that he didn’t score high marks in medical school. Which of the following legal recourses can Dr. Nyguen take?
  • Q3
    . Dr. Howard Chung advertises that he accepts most health insurance types, including Medicaid. In his medical office, there are two different treatment room types. The one for private insurance patients are state-of-the-art rooms, and the other room type is a much smaller room with basic medical treatment amenities. Which ethical principle is Dr. Chung violating?
  • Q4
    A physician’s office received a large supply of Warfarin to reduce blood clots. Because the drug at the pharmacy is expensive, the physician offers to sell the drug to the patient at a lower price to reduce his inventory. Which of the following ethical principles were violated?
  • Q5
    A patient is suing the San Antonio Community Hospital for negligence. What legal document is sent to the hospital requesting the patient records for the court case?
    Per diem
    Notice of privacy practices
    Advance directive
  • Q6
    Bob Jenkins has filed a suit against the ambulatory surgery center for assault and battery. What could the surgery center have done wrong?
    Injured the patient to cause his death.
    Left a medical instrument inside the patient.
    Dropped the patient during the procedure, which caused injury.
    Didn’t have an informed consent signed by the patient.
  • Q7
    The Very Clean Janitorial Service cleans and waxes the floors for San Antonio Community Hospital every Sunday night. Under HITECH legislation, the janitorial service is considered a(n):
    covered entity.
    insecure information access.
    business associate
    secured information access.
  • Q8
    Randy Thompson developed pancreatitis when he was 16 years old. A procedure was performed to insert a stent into the pancreas. Randy Thompson had the procedure in the State of California, whose medical records retention laws state that they must be maintained for at least 10 years. Because Randy was a minor when the procedure occurred, how old will Randy be when the records can be destroyed?
    28 years old
    16 years old
    25 years old
    Never. Pediatric medical records can never be destroyed.
  • Q9
    Which of the following circumstances would a healthcare facility need to refer to their contingency plan?
    Daylight savings time changed the time of all appointments for the day.
    Freeway closure causes patients to be tardy to all appointments for the day.
    Medical assistant did not update their network password in the allotted time and was locked out of the HER.
    A power outage at the EHR storage facility prevented remote access to patient records.
  • Q10
    All of the following are examples of electronic data storage for the EHR except:
    optical disk platters
    magnetic disk
    cloud storage
  • Q11
    The new nursing supervisor is discussing her plans for the unit with her staff. She wants to hang a whiteboard in the nursing station listing each patient’s name, date of birth, attending physician, room number, working diagnosis, and medication schedule. You advise her that:
    if the nursing staff obtains patient consent prior to admission, then it is okay.
    the attending physicians will not like it because it will show everyone who has the most patients.
    this is a good idea because it will facilitate the coordination of care.
    it is a violation of the need-to-know principles
  • Q12
    The HIM clerk is scrubbing the patient record to send to the CDC for research purposes. Which of the following data elements should be removed to de-identify the patient record?
    Patient date of birth
    Lab results
    Admitting diagnosis
    CT scan
  • Q13
    Donna and Joe Scott are going through a divorce. During this time, Joe Scott was involved in a car accident. When he was admitted to the hospital, he requested that his wife didn’t visit him. Can the healthcare facility respect Joe’s wishes?
    No. Because Donna and Joe are still married, Donna has the right to visit Joe.
    Yes, but only if Donna is not his next of kin according to his admission intake paperwork.
    No. The healthcare facility does not have the right to get involved in marital disputes.
    Yes. Because Joe is the patient, he has the right to deny any visitors.
  • Q14
    AHIMA requires that health information records be maintained for a minimum of _________________________ years?
    This number varies based on the state's minimum requirements if those requirements are longer than AHIMA's standard.
  • Q15
    Statues are enacted by which of the following?
    Federal agencies
    Local governments
    Legislative Body
    Judicial systems

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