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Domain Knowledge - Odds & Market Type

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  • Q1
    Which statement is true?
    Higher the odds, the higher the probability of winning.
    Lower the odds, the lower the probability of winning.
    Higher the odds, the lower the probability of winning.
    There is no relationship between odds and probability.
  • Q2
    Regarding Malay Odds, which is wrong?
    Malay Odds can be Negative
    Malay Odds is >=-1
    Malay odds is always positive
    Malay Odds is <=1
  • Q3
    Regarding HK Odds, which is wrong?
    HK Odds equals to Malay Odds if both are positive
    HK Odds + 1 always equal to Euro Odds
    HK Odds is always positive
    HK Odds is always Negative
  • Q4
    Regarding Euro Odds, which is wrong?
    Euro Odds is >=1
    1/Euro Odds is the probability of winning
    Euro Odds + 1 becomes HK Odds
    Euro Odds can be used in 50/50 market
  • Q5
    Regarding Indo Odds, which is wrong?
    Range of Indo Odds is -∞ to -1 or 1 to ∞
    Some Indo Odds can be same as Malay Odds
    Indo Odds is used in PP(IDR) currency only
    Indo Odds can be Negative
  • Q6
    Regarding Odds Type which is wrong?
    -0.70 MUST be Malay Odds
    0.9 could be HK Odds or Malay Odds
    -1.4 MUST be Indo Odds
    1.5 can be Malay Odds
  • Q7
    Regarding Odds Type, which is wrong?
    HK Odds possible range is 0 to ∞
    Non 50/50 market always use Euro Odds
    Malay Odds can be used for Non 50/50 market
    Euro Odds is also called Decimal Odds
  • Q8
    Which statement is wrong?
    0.6 odds means if stake is 100, actual stake is 100
    -1.1 odds means if stake 100, actual stake is 110
    1.5 Odds means if stake 100 then actual stake is 150
    -0.6 odds means if stake 100, then actual stake
  • Q9
    When odds is -0.6, which is wrong?
    If stake is 100, system deduct 60 from player's balance
    If stake is 100, when lose player lose 60
    If stake is 100, then when won player won 100
    If stake is 100 when lose, player lose 100
  • Q10
    HK Odds and Euro Odds, which is CORRECT?
    1/HK Odds, is the probability of winning.
    Euro Odds includes stake
    HK Odds = Euro Odds + 1
    HK Odds contains stake
  • Q11
    Odds comparison, which is better odds? (Better means player win more when stake is same)
    -0.9 is better than 0.9
    0.6 is better than 0.7
    -1.1 is better than -1.0
    -0.7 is better than -0.6
  • Q12
    Odds comparison, which is better odds? (Better means player win more when the stake is same)
    Euro 2.0 is better than HK 2.0
    HK 2.0 is better than -0.5
    -1 is equal to 1 in Malay Odds
    -1.1 is better than -0.9
  • Q13
    When player place bet on -1.5 odds with stake 100, which is wrong?
    If player win, player won 100
    Actual stake is 150
    Actual stake is -150
    System deduct 150 from player's balance
  • Q14
    Which is wrong?
    0.99 is better than 0.96
    -0.99 is better than 0.96
    0.96 is better than 0.95
    -0.97 is better than -0.96
  • Q15
    Regarding Odds conversion, which is wrong?
    Odds Conversion is only applicable for 50/50 market
    In DB, non 50/50 market only store with Euro Odds.
    In DB Malay odds is stored for 50/50 market
    Malay is stored in both Non 50/50 and 50/50 market in DB

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