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Double Good

Quiz by Kristin Wilson

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  • Q1
    Look at the bubble map on the board. Which information belongs in the empty oval?
    The border runs through the middle of the city.
    The Federal Building was built in 1933.
    Lousiana is 25 miles away.
    It is twice as nice as other cities.
  • Q2
    What is this article mainly about?
    Texarcana is a city that is located in two states.
    Texarcana is a confusing place to live.
    Texarcana once had two post offices.
    Texarcana is not part of Louisiana.
  • Q3
    According to paragraph 3, the Federal Building in Texarcana--
    has a border line painted on its floor.
    touches the borders of three states.
    is built of Texas and Arkansas stone
    contains two limestone post offices.

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