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  • Q1

    1. It refers to an expenditure category/expense class for the purchase of goods and services, the benefits of which extend beyond the fiscal year and which add to the assets of the Government,including investments in the capital stock of government corporations.

    A. Disbursement

    C.Capital Outlays or Capital Expenditures

    B. Cash Advances

    D. Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses

  • Q2

    2. It refers to an expenditure category/expense class for support to the operations of government agencies such asexpenses of supplies and materials; transportation and travel; utilities(water, power, etc.) and the repairs, etc.

    B. Cash Advances

    A. Obligation

    C. Modified Disbursement Scheme

    D. Maintenance and Other OperatingExpenses

  • Q3

    3. Many national high schools areimplementing units (IUs). What do IUs mean?

    1. They do not have their own financialstaff and receive allocations school MOOE from their respective SDOs in theform of cash sdvance.

    2. They are capable of administeringtheir own funds since they have Bookkeper and Disbursing officer plantillapositions who handle accounting and budgeting functions, and cashieringfunctions respectively.

    D. Each statement alone is sufficient toanswer the question.

    C. Both statements 1 and 2 are sufficientto answer the question.

    B. Statement 2 alone is sufficient butstatement 1 alone is not sufficient to answer the question.

    A. Statement 1 alone is sufficient butstatement 2 alone is not sufficient to answer the question.

  • Q4

    4.  Thefollowing are the uses of school MOOE EXCEPT_______________________________________________.

    D.To fund activities as identified in the approved School Improvement Plan (SIP)for implementation in the current year and as specifically determined in theAnnual Implementation Plan (AIP) which shall follow the calendar year format ofthe school.

    A. To finance expenses pertaining tograduation rites, moving up or closing ceremonies and recognition activities

    C. To fund supplies, rental and minorrepair of tools and equipment and other consumables for teachers and studentsdeemed necessary in the conduct of classes and learning activities.

    B. To fund major repairs of facilities,building and grounds maintenance necessary for the upkeep of the school

  • Q5

    5. Which procurement is allowed in theuse of school MOOE?

    D. Other supplementary learning resources(SLRs) which include publications, periodicals and review materials.

    B. Semi-expendable property items

    A. Textbooks

    C. School seats and teachers table andchairs

  • Q6

    6. How much should be the cost of semi-expandable items/property that should be procured under DO No. 15, s. 2020?

    C.Php 15,000.00 and below

    B.Below Php 20,000.00 

    A.Below Php 15,000.00

    D.Php 20,000.00 and below

  • Q7

    7.What must be issued to tangible items treated as semi-expandable items/propertyto establish accountability over them based on Government Accounting Manual,Volume II?

    D.Requisition and Issue Slip

    B.Purchase Request

    C.Inventory Custodian Slip

    A.Purchase Order

  • Q8

    8. Which activities are INELIGIBLE expense items to be charged against MOOE Funds basedon DO 15, s. 2020?

    C.Maintenance of respiratory and hand hygiene/WASH

    A.Personal Protective Equipment

    D.Major improvements in classrooms for proper ventilation

    B.Rehabilitation of water and sanitation facilities

  • Q9

    9. Miss Makuli shares with fellow  school heads best practice in the development and implementation of schoolplans aligned with institutional goals and policies. She belongs to PPSSHStrand 1.2, Career Stage _____.



    D. 4


  • Q10

    10. Mr. Sinovac designs and applies effective strategiesin utilizing learner voice, such as feelings, views and/or opinions to informpolicy development and decision-making towards school improvement. He belongsto what Career Stage under PPSSH Strand 1.6?

    C. 3




  • Q11

    10. Who among the Principals belong toPPSSH Strand 1.4, Career Stage 2?

    A. Dr. A utilizes relevant researchfindings from reliable sources in facilitating data-driven and evidence-basedinnovations to improve school performance.

    C. Mrs. C promotes a culture of researchto facilitate data-driven and evidence-based innovations to improve schoolperformance and foster continuous improvement.

    B. Mr. B identifies relevant researchfindings from reliable sources in facilitating data-driven and evidence-basedinnovations to improve school performance. 

    D. Ms. D collaborates with schoolpersonnel in the conduct of research and utilization of findings infacilitating data-driven and evidence-based innovations to improve schoolperformance.


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