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Drama Test Review

Quiz by Regina Schaefer

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11 questions
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  • Q1
    A major theme explored in Flowers for Algernon is
    Man Playing God
    Struggle with equality
    Need to have friends
    Desire for a better life
  • Q2
    A major motif explored in Flowers for Algernon is
    Role of intelligence in human relationships
    Fear of failure
  • Q3
    The stage directions in this short piece from Flowers from Algernon suggests
    Question Image
    Charlie is tired
    Charlie is fearful of Burt
    Charlie is agressive
    Charlie is eager to please
  • Q4
    The purpose of reading stage directions is to
    Explains motif
    Signify the Archetype
    Develop the humar
    Indicate nonverbal motivations, scenery and time period.
  • Q5
    What is dialogue?
    Conversation between the two or more actors
    A reoccurring character
    An internal speech that the audience can hear the actor's thoughts.
    A speech spoken to another character or audience
  • Q6
    The dialogue between Struass and Nemur supports
    Question Image
    Their concern about what the general population would think regarding experimental surgery
    The Federal Drug Administration will fine them.
    Concern that Joe and Frank will continue to taunt him.
    Concern that Charlie will be fired
  • Q7
    What is an archetype?
    recurrent idea found in a piece of literature
    Stories that are ture
    recurrent message intended by author.
    recurrent symbol, motif or character in literature
  • Q8
    What is a motif?
    Main idea of a piece
    Message of the piece
    Recurrent idea throughout a piece of literature
    rising action of a piece
  • Q9
    What is plot?
    A speech that is intended to be heard by the other actors.
    A speech said so the audiences can hear the actor's thoughts
    All action that occurs in a play or story
  • Q10
    What is conflict?
    The problem and rising action of a play
    The story problem is solved
    The story line
  • Q11
    What is theme?
    The central message from the author
    Lines said by an actor.
    The main idea
    recurring idea

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