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Drawing Conclusions

Quiz by Chrissy Saunders

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    The sun was shining on the flowers, and the grass was a pretty shade of green. There aren't any close in the sky, and the butterflies looked beautiful as they fluttered around. It is most likely:
    evening time
    early in the morning
    a spring day
  • Q2
    The marching band looked amazing on the football field. Each member played their instruments perfectly. The audience loved their performance.
    The football field was big
    The marching band practiced a lot
    The audience was quiet
  • Q3
    Sam woke up late, spilled toothpaste on his shirt, and missed the bus. His sister accidentally took his lunch to school, instead of her own. Sam probably feels:
  • Q4
    Tabitha slipped the second she put one foot outside the door. She fell down and hurt her wrist, and her fingers started to sting from the cold. It is probably:
    Dark outside
    Icy outside
    Rainy outside
  • Q5
    First, his arm started to sting. Then, Neo noticed it was started to turn red and form a small bump. Before long, Neo's arm was itching like crazy! Neo probably:
    Cut his arm
    Broke his arm
    Got a bug bite
  • Q6
    Jade found a quarter under the coffee table. Now he had $44.25. It had taken a long time, but he was almost to his goal of $45.00. Jaden is probably:
    Responsible about saving
    someone who spends a lot of money
    Good at finding things
  • Q7
    We could smell the crackling bacon and eggs as the aroma filled the house. My brother grabbed his glass of orange juice and sat down at the table. His hair was a mess and he looked sleepy. The reader can infer:
    the kids do not like bacon
    it is early in the morning
    it is late at night
  • Q8
    Kacie hadn't studied very hard for her spelling test. She was very worried she wouldn't do well. Her eyes widened when her teacher handed back her test with a 100% on the top. Katie most likely feels:

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