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Drilling II

Quiz by Yuichi Sugai

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10 questions
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  • Q1

    Select the name of the bit shown in the picture.

    Question Image

    Insert Bit

    Milled Tooth Bit

    PDC Bit

    Impregnated Diamond Bit

  • Q2

    Select the correct function of the Drilling Mud.

    Question Image

    Formation of birthday cake

    Rotating the bit in rotary drilling

    Transporting the cuttings to the ground surface

    Heating the drill strings and bit

  • Q3

    If the formation pressure is 400 atm at the depth of 3,200 m, how much must the specific gravity be above?

    Question Image





  • Q4

    Select the official name of the "BOP".

    Question Image

    Blowout Preventer

    Breakout Preventer

    Bombing Preventer

    Bouhun Preventer

  • Q5

    Select one correct answer for the role of the casing pipe.

    Question Image

    Increasing the rotation torque of the drill string

    Connecting mud, water and gas layers

    Supporting the drilling rig

    Preventing the collapse of the borehole wall

  • Q6

    Select a correct description of surface casing.

    It is the widest type of casing installed first.

    It minimizes the hazards that come along with sub surface formations.

    It protects ground water from contamination with hydrocarbon.

    It provides the conduit from the surface to the oil producing formation.

  • Q7

    Select a correct answer for the purpose of Cementing.

    Question Image

    to support the casing pipes.

    to apply a load to the bit

    to protect the drilling pipes from buckling

    to plug and abandon the wells.

  • Q8

    Select the role of spacer fluid injected into the casing pipe prior to the cement in cementing.

    Cleaning the inner walls of the casing

    Cooling the casing pipe

    Accelerating the mixing of cement and drilling mud

    Slowing down the solidification of cement

  • Q9

    Select the type of rig shown in the picture.

    Question Image

    Semi-submersible rig


    Jackup rig


  • Q10

    What is the maximum depth that the Jackup rig can be used in?

    Question Image

    100 m

    300 m

    50 m

    1000 m


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